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Hello! I hope I have not forgotten? I came back and with me - a lot of new photos!
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Photography contest.

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 17, 2012, 9:14 AM
On Wednesday, I finally saw the results of the photography contest. I am very happy. I have a 2nd place in the "Plants" nomination, a 2nd place in "Animals" nomination and 3d place in "Landscape" namination. It means a lot for me! I'm interested in photography for only one year, I never learn photography somewhere. I'm really surprised!

It was my first photo contest, I would like to participate in the same contest again.

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  • Drinking: Strawberry tea

Spring is coming.

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 28, 2012, 9:29 PM

Very soon will be spring. I love spring. And you? Spring - the flowers, the sun, dew, joy, happiness, Easter, berries, fruit... I love all of their. I don't like winter. It is very... white and cold. But i like winter sun. I can shoot beautiful landscapes, if there is a winter sun.
Today in Saint-Petersburg very-very cold. I sit in a big warm sweater and drink hot tea.(:
Good weekend! :heart:

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Greetings from 2012!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2011, 12:15 PM
Greetings from 2012! Yeeee... Happy new year, happy new year! This year must be WONDEFULL!!!

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Happy holidays!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 28, 2011, 7:12 AM
Happy holidays! :3 Soon the New Year ... And I wish you all a little more creative ideas, happiness and all the best!
I love premium membership, really. Thank you, Ozonablue, for the points!
I am very tired, but I have a lot of ideas. Expect soon more pictures!

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pixel artChristmas collection pixel art
:thumb275885793: :thumb275719791: Merry Christmas - Heart 8 by DorottyaS :thumb275587534: tatty by KazeandGeira small, red gift by Tiroko No words, just love by naked-in-the-rain hello santa. by kamilla-b :thumb275380122:
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My English is very bad, folks.
So I do not quite understand how to get premium membership. For 3 months I have to pay only 636 points? I will need to pay more later? I beg you to answer me! :3
Merry Christmas to you all!
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Aaaa! I have so many ideas! Many, many, many! I need to immediately implement them! But I'm tired. School is killing me. Need a vacation.
In my plan there are two photo shoots. It will be retro photo shoots with Alexandra. I hope that we will find the time. I can already see her in this manner.
And the second ... Oh no, soon the snow falls and the end of my idea.
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I'm back from the summer cottage. :3
I've uploaded a few photos... but... They do not like anyone T___T
Ok. I already have an albino llama! Thank you, my dear friends!
Soon run out of vacation ... Soon again have to go to school. In the meantime, I will upload a few photos, and go back to photograph. : D
I am restless, yeah.
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Happy Halloween! Have you done the pumpkin head? I did! 3 and soon will upload the photos! :)
And I already scared ....
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I am now in the village:3 I enjoy the silence, fresh air ... Hmmm, I did a lot of pictures. But, alas, I can load them in a week. _. Internet is very slow-___-
It starts to rain. Strong wind. The most suitable weather for Halloween.
Tomorrow, Halloween! I forgot. Unfortunately, I'll be alone. I'll sit alone and celebrate the birthday of Lawliet from anime "Death Note":3
I can disappear from the web, because the Internet, again, is too slow.
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The first snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! This year the snow fell too soon. Snow fell in great flakes, but unfortunately, once melted. Today the sky was like in the winter. White sky ...
To be honest, in the winter I like best Christmas and New Year. Such a cool festive atmosphere!
I want the winter. I want to photograph winter scenes, do macro.
What is your weather now? :3

By the way. I ran out of ideas. All because I'm tired. Very tired.
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  • Eating: Bulgarian pepper and cheese. :3
Autumn... autumn... I like autumn, because i have a new lens! I'm kidding:) Actually, autumn - the perfect time of year. Such beautiful landscapes, colorful leaves ...
A new lens. It is huge! But I like it. With this lens, make great macro photography.
Today I am very tired, I want to sleep. Now upload a few photos and i will go sleep.
Today brought a camera Nikon D3000kit. I'm so glad *O*
It is the dream of this year! The camera is great! Now I shoot, shoot and shoot again. Expect lots of photos!
Oh God, I never thought that I would be so happy!
Sorry for my english
At 4:30 am we went into the field to greet the dawn. It was beautiful ...
It was quiet because everyone was still asleep. It was very stupid, because they missed the beauty. : D We have come a little earlier. Yes, we are very cold. But when the sun appeared from behind the forest, we forgot about everything. Unfortunately, the pictures were awful. We wanted to photograph the sunrise ... But our hands was trembling, blurred photos. And the colors have turned out differently than in real life.